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Marathon Runner Gift - Commemorative Boston Finishers Gift - Race Bib Design

Regular price £4.90

Boston Marathon 2018 - Race Number / Running Bib- Personalised Print Gift Coaster for Marathon Finisher

26.2 Miles Coaster - perfect gift for marathon runner

Boston Marathon running number inspired design specially made for a standard 9cm square coaster



Unique High Quality Personalised Print on hard backed 9cm wood composite coaster ready for displaying your time at the Boston 2018


Fully Finished High Gloss Print PERSONALISED TO YOUR TIME

Commemorate your efforts at the Boston Marathon 2018 or celebrate a Boston Marathon finisher with a special gift for runner

From just £4.90



Want to give something completely unique? Why not try one of our items

Each is made to order to YOUR specifications meaning no two are the same!

Perfect way to say well done to an athlete, for a birthday, father's / mother's day, special occasion, new home, Christmas or just to say thanks and congratulations on completing the Boston Marathon 2018!


 == I am interested in this item – how do I buy it? == 

Simply use the options to purchase your item

Add a note to your order to let us know 

 - Persons name

 - Finishing Time

We will design and make your item/s and post it direct to you within 1-2 working days


If you wish to see a preview before we print you MUST add this as a note during purchase and it will be sent in 1-2 working days - we take no responsibility for information being printed incorrectly if it was sent incorrectly so please double check you notes.


What if I don't know the persons time?

We may be able to source this from the published results 


How good are the items?

We use high quality photographic paper and studio grade printing techniques for all of our items assuring you of a high quality finish

Our coasters high gloss finish with raw backs made from composite material, they are extremely hard wearing and wipe clean


Will mine look exactly the same as this?

Some customisations will require us to change fonts sizes or layout slightly.


Do you offer discounts for more than one item?

Yes! If you would like to purchase multiple items please contact us to discuss discounts


Is this made in the UK?

Yes! All of our items are hand made in the UK (excluding raw materials)


Can I have this for a race other than the Boston Marathon 2018

Yes! Please contact us to discuss other events - there is a nominal design fee of around £5.00 for an alternative event


Do you offer refunds?

No - as each print is made for an individual we are unable to offer refunds, however we will work with you to ensure you are 100% happy with your purchase

All breakages will be replaced no questions asked.


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