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COVID-19 Charity Special - Custom CrossFit Tactile Morale Military Patch for Bag Weighted Vest

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 Can't wait to get back into the gym or just want to give something back but get something fun in return?

Military patches may be used by gym enthusiasts now but their origins aren't in CrossFit they are in military morale and originally termed "battle patches" by the British army ...

So what better way for us to help a little in this fight against COVID-19 than to release a limited number of morale patches in custom designs and support some much needed organisations.

100% of the profit from each sale of these patches will be split 50:50 between "NHS Charities together" and The Alzheimer's Society.

We also hope they can put a smile on the face of a few people missing "leg day" and lugging about big bags to the gym.

PLEASE NOTE --- WE ONLY HAVE 100 of these available.

All patches will be dispatched within 5 working days in order for us to raise as much profit as possible.

Patches are standard bag/vest patches 8x5cm with velcro backs and custom made and designed by us in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

If you have any great ideas for anther patch please get in touch and we may we'll be able to help for the right donation.


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