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Manchester Marathon 2018 Personalised Route Map Print

Manchester Marathon 2018 Personalised Route Map Print

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Manchester Marathon 2018 Personalised Print With Result and Route Map

Stunning personalised print made to celebrate Manchester Marathon finisher achievement and their Manchester Marathon 2018 Time.

Incorporating Manchester Marathon route map and details from Manchester Marathon Results in our own unique design to celebrate their achievements.

Simple and stylish, this unofficial print fits well with the modern home and is the perfect gift for marathon runner. 

Fully personalised print framed in a A4 or A3 frame or choose print only options to frame yourself, ready for displaying your finishing time at the Manchester Marathon 2018 and something to look fondly on for years to come (especially after those long hard runs!) ... it comes with a perspex front and deep edged frame if added.


Perfect way to say well done to an athlete, for a birthday, father's / mother's day, special occasion, new home, Christmas or just to say thanks and congratulations on completing the Manchester Marathon 2018!


How do I order?

Simply add the person’s name and time it took them for their marathon and we’ll make the print and frame it in our Newcastle studio.

Some names may mean we have to adjust the font and layout so your’s may vary very slightly from the example.

It’ll be sent out in 1-2 working days.


How good are the items?

We use high quality photographic paper and studio grade printing techniques for all of our items assuring you of a high quality finish.

Our frames are deep edged and perspex fronted for safe transportation.

All our prints are unofficial meaning they hold no affiliation with the event organisers and are artwork celebrating the achievements at events.

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