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Photo Portrait Print - Fun Mug Featuring Any Face Or Pet - Comedy Gift For Dad Mum Secret Santa Birthday

Please make sure it is clear which face is to be used and read our guide clearly - bad photos will make for a poor result
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Ever wanted a mug with your face on? Or maybe with your husbands face on? Or your dog's? No? No we didn't think we did either until we had an idea and dreamed up our 'your face or mine' collection.

It's a collection of prints of ... massive faces. With or without the comedy rudolf/ clown nose.

They make for really fun gifts the whole year round but especially for secret santa and stocking filler presents. It's real deep office banter or just fun for the whole family.

All you need to do is give us a decent photo and we'll do the rest - we STRONGLY advise you review our photo guide as your item will only be as good as the mug shot you give us to work with ........ so give us a chance!


What’s the occasion?
Our "your face or mine" mug shot mug is a star secret santa or stocking filler gift at Christmas but also makes for a fun birthday, father's day, mother's day or valentine's day gift for your perfect partner ... what more could they want than a cup with your massive smiling face on it!


How do I personalise my item?

Our ‘Your Face Or Mine’ mug can be personalised by:

  • Adding your photo - PLEASE read the guide in the product images for how to send a good one
  • Choosing the background colour
  • Adding an optional comedy nose
  • Adding text or repeating the photo on the back

Just let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest.

For reference the images we used for the mugs were taken on an iPhone 6.

What happens next?

Our designers will work their magic and trim your images to use within the design - they will be a smooth cut out - we will not pick out ever last hair strand, the smoothed out edges is part of the look of the design.

Then ... All our products are hand finished in our UK studio by our professional design team. Please allow 2-3 working days plus postage for delivery.


For trade enquiries please contact us at


Made from

100% Ceramic, brilliant white mug

Dishwasher proof up to 1000 washes

Coasters are hardbacked and gloss finish




11oz Mug

9cm square coaster 


Product code




Some personalisation requests may mean we have to shuffle the design around a little but we will try to make it as close as possible to the example. Any references to trademarks are purely co-incidental and not intended to give the impression this is an officially endorsed product. Our final prints can only be as good as the images you supply so please read the guidance correctly before submitting a badly lit, far away, side on, cropped group photo ... it needs to be big, clear and .... happy!


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