Why 'Not Just a Print'

Not Just a Print is the original home of the Vinyl Record style design first dance print ... 

One evening Stacey Rogers had a vivid pregnancy fuelled dream of a record that was made of song words with a label that told the 'story' of a wedding first dance. Encouraged by the thought of needing extra cash for nappies, a few hours of photoshopping later she sold her first song (John Legend, All of Me, a strong choice) ... she sold another and another and the rest is history.

We now have 100s of designs and a team of 10 designers and makers who create personalised printed gifts in our studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Each is hand finished, each has a story to tell - be it about a wedding, a birthday, a graduation or celebrating a friendship. Each is not 'just a print' it's a unique story itself.