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Our Story

Stacey Rogers Not Just a Print Personalised Vinyl Record

We are Not Just A Print.

We started out as 'The Art Concept' an art retailer way back in 2004 - back then it was all about canvases, drying racks and the fresh smell of paint and allowing customers to take the concept of our designs and bring their own ideas and personalisation to them by choosing the end colours, shape, size ... it was a neat little concept.
We sold 350 individually specified paintings in less than a year, so those drying racks were rather busy.
We had a lot of happy customers who appreciated the personal touch we gave to their items.
But sadly we simply couldn't keep up with the demand and were forced to take a step back for a while.


We understand people want things with a personal touch but they want them quick and conveniently so we looked at our options and knew eventually we'd come back to life.
Hence "Not Just A Print" where we are bringing that personal touch of our previous paintings to printing and help you to tell a story beyond the piece of paper.

Our flagship item is a vinyl record - the vinyl is the song lyrics of your choice, the label comes however you want it too.
It was quite literally dreamed up overnight in in a crazy pregnancy fuelled dream by our founder Stacey. She woke with a vivid picture of a set of song lyrics around a vinyl record label where the label told 'the story' of her wedding.
Spurred on with the thought of the nappy bill, she spent hours perfecting a design, made one, took a photograph of it, made her first sale (John Legend, All of Me in teal - a strong choice) and another, and another and the rest is history .......... 
We think we've made over 2,000 different songs - everything from Elvis to Erasure for 10 of 1,000s of customers all over the world and are still surprised by the challenges you bring to us.
We are not mass retailers. We carry no stock. We do not sell on the high street (just yet). We make items by hand purely to order and every order to us is unique and handled with the care you'd expect for something made for a loved one.
We are highly experienced however and have handled everything from bespoke prints to bulk buys into their 100s.
We are a 12 strong team of designers, makers and co-ordinators working out of our studio in Newcastle. Our standards are extremely high and we take pride in our work. The options we offer are as limited as your imagination - want it in sky blue pink with yellow dots, as with most things, we can handle it ... Just try us.
Our range now extends well beyond our vinyl record prints and we aim to bring new personalised items to the market whether it be prints, mugs, coasters, cushions, flat packed furniture .... who knows.
Our vision is to become personalised gifts retailer of choice with a range which means if you need something for a birth, wedding, 40th, 90th, graduation or even to celebrate a new swimming badge ... we've got it covered!
Think you've seen something similar to our work? It's a copy. We do not believe in 'copy-cat' items and are confident that each of our designs is our own. Our vinyl design in particular is 100% a dream which came true. Shame other people don't seem to have such good imaginations.


We hope you enjoy our items and would love to make something for you that helps you tell your story ...